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Tutoring For Your Learning Style

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Every student is different, what works for one student in a classroom may not work as well for another. Unfortunately, in a classroom setting every student gets presented with new information and ideas in the same way. This usually leads to bits and pieces of the course materials being missed or not fully understood, and leaves behind lingering questions. A private tutor can help you know your learning styles, learn how to study your way, and improve your grades.

Private Tutoring Is Tailored To Your Learning Style

Filling in the gaps from the classroom setting is exactly where private tutoring can step in so that a student can learn more, develop the skills they need to succeed in their classes, and fully understand the courses they're taking.

As a private tutor, my goal is to figure out a particular student's learning styles over time, and figure out how to best help them learn the way that fits them best. Nobody has just one type of learning style, which is why every student is unique. Because I have been tutoring full-time for so many years now, I am able to quickly zero in on the best methods for each student. The more time we spend together, the more effective the time will be, and the more value a student will get out of my tutoring sessions.

What Are The Different Types Of Learning Styles

Visual Learning Style

Students who learn visually gain a better understanding through pictures, diagrams, charts, and graphs. When tutoring visual learners, I can use a variety of visual aids from text books or the student’s own notes. I will also often draw my own diagrams and graphs to help explain a concept from multiple angles until I learn which the student is connecting with.

Reading Learning Style

Students who learn best by reading do well with written text and mathematical equations.

I recommend students who seems to do well with learning from written information to read ahead and then come up with a list of questions they still have. I can go over the textbook sections or equations with them piece by piece and help to clear up any misunderstandings or more difficult ideas.

Listening Learning Style

Students who learn best by listening will learn best when they are hearing ideas verbalized. This helps these students to put the pieces together for themselves. Talking through complex information is difficult to do in a classroom lecture because there is rarely enough time for questions. But, as a tutor, I can have a conversation with a student about the topics they need to learn, giving them instant feedback.

Memorization Learning Style

Students who are good at memorization should absolutely use that skill to their advantage. While not everything in math and science courses can be memorized, it can certainly help take off some of the pressure to memorize as much information as possible. All STEM courses will have some degree of memorization required, and that is where these students will find their edge.

Learning the difference between what to memorize and what needs to be understood at a logical level is very important, because you can find yourself memorizing relationships or solution steps that are not universally applicable, and then encounter something different on an exam. I can help you identify the differences in our private tutoring sessions.

Logical Understanding Learning Style

On the flipside of memorization learners are the logical understanding learners. Logical understanding underlies most of the concepts and skills needed for math and science courses, so this type of learning style has the ability to see incredible success in the areas of math and science. As I said before, all courses will have some degree of memorization required, but if you can build a logical framework for the relationships between the different ideas and solution methods you need to learn, you will often find that there is less to memorize. This can often be difficult to do on your own, but that is where a good teacher or especially an experienced private tutoring can help out immensely.

Different Types of Learners

Along with the above learning styles, there are also different types of learners on a broader level. Some students excel in a group setting, collaborating and sharing ideas. Other students do much better working on course material on their own, or in a one on one setting. While the choice is not often available in a classroom setting, you can identify which way you prefer to study and find success whether solo, or in a group.

Solitary Learners

Students who like to work out the course material for themselves or with just a teacher or tutor.

Group/Social Learners

Students who like to learn by bouncing ideas off their peers, use teamwork, and be more conversational when learning.

Whether you like to study in groups or one on one I offer both private tutoring and group tutoring sessions for all learning styles throughout Brooklyn, Queens and NYC. I will meet you on campus, at your home, in a coffee shop, or wherever you feel comfortable. Call (619) 880-0133 to learn more or schedule your first session.

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