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Brian working with a calculus student

Brian’s Tutoring History

Brian Ricks is a chemical engineer and tutor in NYC with over a decade of experience in technical fields within both academic and industry settings, plus 3 years and counting as a full-time private tutor.

1999: First tutoring gig in high school, teaching Algebra I

2001: Early Entrance Freshman at Clarkson University

2002: Began tutoring freshman calculus, chemistry, and physics

2003: Polymer Engineering Intern at GE Plastics

2004: Fuel Cell Engineering Co-op at Plug Power

2006: Graduated with BS in Chemical Engineering, Clarkson University

2007: Chemical Engineer at Mettler Toledo Thornton

2008: Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant at Tufts University

2011: Applications Scientist at Netzsch Instruments

2015: Started Bricks Tutoring

For a complete CV, please visit Brian's LinkedIn page

Brian Hiking
Brian Hiking

How I Became A NYC Tutor

As a young student, math and science came naturally to me in a way that often made it easy for me to relate these ideas to others. My first official tutoring gig was in high school helping middle school kids with algebra. I was pretty good at it, and I thought it was fun to help students make mental connections between concept and build their understanding.

Tutoring Others Helped Me

After graduating high school as class valedictorian, I began studying chemical engineering at Clarkson University. I worked as a tutor on campus for general calculus, chemistry, and physics courses, and later for more advanced math, chemistry, and engineering courses. The more complicated the problems got, the more I found I enjoyed helping others figure them out. And the problem-solving practice I got as a tutor helped me in my own courses. I did well in engineering school, and went on to graduate in the top spot for my major.

After college I worked as an engineer and scientist in Boston, including three years as a graduate student researcher and teaching assistant at Tufts University. My work experience was in the fields of clean energy, surface chemistry, thermal analysis, and measurement techniques.

My Private Tutoring Services Were In Demand

In 2014 I moved from Boston to San Diego, and while interviewing for local engineering positions I took on some part-time tutoring jobs. I soon found myself in high demand, meeting more and more students every week. Working for myself and doing something I love was too good an opportunity to pass up, so I decided to focus full-time on Bricks Tutoring.


In 2018 I moved back to the east coast, and re-launched Bricks Tutoring in Brooklyn, NY.

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