STEM Tutoring Will Make The Difference

Math and science courses can get tough.

Teachers and professors are busy outside of class.

TAs and campus tutors can be hit-and-miss.

You have a life, a job, other courses, etc.

Private tutoring can make it easier. Simpler.

I can help you to learn more in less time

with less stress and better results.

You don't need to be a genius to pass that class,

Ace that exam, or earn that college STEM degree.

You just need the right tutor.

High School Tutoring + Exam Prep

Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry

Precalculus, Probability, Statistics

Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science

AP Courses + AP Exam Prep
AP Calculus (all levels), AP Statistics

AP Chemistry, AP Physics (all levels)

College Entrance Exam Prep

ACT Math, ACT Science

SAT Math, SAT II Math (all levels)

SAT II Chemistry, SAT II Physics

College Courses
Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus

Probability, Statistics, Calculus,
Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Advanced College Courses

Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus,

Differential Equations, Discrete Math

Inorganic Chemistry, Thermodynamics,

Statics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics

Chemical Process Calculations, and more

Your course not listed here?

Supplemental Math Skills

How To Get The Most Out Of Your TI Graphing Calculator

*Recommended for all math and science students*

How to Create Programs on your TI Graphing Calculator

that will Save You Time and Prevent Mistakes

*Recommended especially for Probability, Statistics,

Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Thermodynamics*

How to Build Better Calculation Spreadsheets

in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

*Recommended for Statistics, Data Analysis,

and all Science and Engineering students*

Do you need help with something not listed here?

One-on-One Private Tutoring Rate

$60 per hour

Online meetings or in-person meetings in Downtown Brooklyn

Due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic,

I am currently offering only online tutoring services.

Online tutoring sessions via Skype or Zoom video conference

Minimum tutoring session length is one hour.

Payment accepted by credit card or Zelle.

Do you like to work in a group and do you want to save some $ on tutoring?

Contact me to discuss discounted group rates for two of more students.

Are you a member of a student club, team or other organization that wants to organize a group review session for a math or science course?

Contact me to discuss review session rates for exam preparation.

Student Reviews

Brian is a great tutor! He really cares and is very helpful with his ability to teaching you in the best way that you understand. He helped me so much with my college math course this summer I would not have been able to pass without him.

Deanna, college student

Math and science problems?

Get help from a pro!

Math and science problems?

Get help from a pro!

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Math and science problems?

Get help from a pro!