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7 Best Resources for Math Problems

Even the best students often struggle with math. Because new concepts are built upon understanding old ones, when students fall behind, it can be difficult for them to catch up without help. This often results in math anxiety and avoidance of the subject altogether. Naturally, a skilled tutor is one of the best math resources available, but in addition to tutoring, there are countless online resources to help students hone their skills and build their confidence in the subject. What follows is a curated list of our favorite tried-and-true resources for math problems.

Virtual Nerd

This website is simply a collection of free video math tutorials. There’s not much to it, but if you’ve been out sick a few days and missed the introduction to a new concept or you simply need to hear something explained in a different way, Virtual Nerd can be a great resource.


It’s not a good idea to rely on this site too much, but it’s great for when you’re still trying to get the hang of how to solve certain types of math problems. You type in your question and you’ll get a solution the moment you click “solve.” What’s helpful here isn’t getting the answer—it’s the way Webmath describes how it arrived at the answer, which gives you the tools you need to start solving problems on your own.


Purplemath is designed specifically for students who are struggling with math. Their homework guidelines are a must-read resource for anyone who’s gotten points off for not showing their work and Purplemath’s math lessons are an excellent supplement to textbooks and classroom lectures.

Mathway Math Problem Solver

This app lets you take a picture of a math problem that you’re struggling with and get an instant answer—and step-by-step solutions to help you learn how it’s done. Mathway solves problems for everything from basic algebra to college calculus.


mathXplain allows students to navigate lessons at their own pace. Everything is written in plain English and explained with colors and drawings, making even the most complex subjects easier to understand.


MathBits isn’t exactly fancy, but it’s developed by two mathematics teachers, making it a reliable source of math instruction and supplemental information. Their guide to using graphing calculators can help you troubleshoot many of the potential errors you might be making with your calculator.

MyScript Calculator

We’ve mentioned this one before in a previous post, but it’s worth including here too because it’s such an excellent resource for students. MyScript Calculator allows you to solve equations by hand on your smartphone or tablet, converting your writing to digital text as you go so you don’t have to spend five minutes trying to find calculus symbols on your iPhone keyboard.

Learn More About Our Math Tutoring Services

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