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What Are The Benefits Of Private Tutoring?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I became a private tutor because I wanted to work in education but I didn't want to be a traditional teacher. In a classroom setting, a teacher or professor needs to present an entire course's worth of material to an entire room full of students, who each have their own particular strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. As a private tutor, I can connect with students on an individual basis, learn the best ways to help them learn, and get results much faster and more effectively than with classroom learning alone. These benefits of private tutoring can be the missing piece of the puzzle to get students of all kinds the help they need to succeed in their STEM classes.

Private Tutors Benefit All Types Of Students

Private tutoring sessions are beneficial to all types of students in countless different academic positions. I work with all of the following types of students and more to help them improve and prepare for their math and science courses.

Students Struggling To Pass STEM Classes

Students who are struggling in their STEM classes thrive in a private tutoring environment and often see significant improvement in their grades. Private tutors provide struggling students with:

  • Extra time outside of class to reinforce concepts and build understanding

  • A targeted focus on weak areas, and spending the extra time needed to build understanding in the areas where it is needed most.

Shy Students Find A Safe Place Ask Questions

  • Shy students often benefit from private tutoring due to the one on one nature of the sessions. Studying with a private tutor benefits shy students by:

  • Providing a safe place outside of class to ask questions without fear of judgement from peers, teachers, or parents

  • Making students feel more comfortable about asking questions about things they don’t understand

  • Providing a judgement free environment where the only goal is to help

Easily Distracted Students Can Focus Better One On One

Students who often find themselves distracted focus better with a private tutor versus a classroom setting. The one-on-one attention from a private tutor creates a personal connection that helps students tune in better and learn ideas and skills at a deeper level than can be achieved in a classroom.

Busy Students Can Study Efficiently

Busy students can be more efficient with their study time and spend less time studying outside of class with a one on one focus from a private tutor. I can also share many tips to improve study efficiency, problem solving efficiency, and what topics and problem types are most common to better strategize studying time.

B Students Who Want To Get An A

Students who are on the border of getting an A in a STEM class can benefit from customized help with exactly the concepts they struggle with most and give them the edge they need to get from a B to an A. It is often difficult and time-consuming to fill in these gaps on your own, and a private tutor can help highlight these areas for you.

Homeschool Students

Private tutors can step in to help teach students who are learning outside of a traditional classroom with lessons that are highly customizable. As a private tutor I can work with parents and other private educators to design a plan to reach your educational goals.

Students Needing Test Prep

As a full-time private tutor, I have years of experience with standardized tests like the SAT, SAT II, ACT, NYC Regents, and AP. I can recommend study plans, give test taking advice, and be there to guide a student through these stressful exams.

If you or your child needs extra help to get through their math and science classes, prep for a big exam, or simply gain the edge they need to ace their classes I am ready to provide my private tutoring sessions. I can meet in a coffee shop, at your home, on campus, or wherever you like within NYC, Brooklyn and Queens. Call (619) 880-0133 to learn more or schedule your first session.

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